A place for curious minds to learn frontier AI

What we do

We find exceptional people from all backgrounds and train them to become machine learning engineers.

All of our programmes are full-time and in-person. We keep class sizes small, typically less than 20. Learners are surrounded by motivated peers and supported by industry experts. Students receive a weekly one-on-one coaching session with engineers who have worked at the top of the industry.

Students are trained to understand the fundamental papers and coached to translate those papers into code. Our graduates are practised in digesting complex ideas and communicating those ideas in clear terms.

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Our approach

It takes around 2000 hours to become a machine learning engineer. There are no shortcuts. We provide a space and a structure that guides studious learners on a path to mastering the technical aspects of generative artificial intelligence.

Our programme is about building up mastery, so you understand how higher level abstractions truly work from the bottom up. Our goal isn’t to teach you how to use a tool or technology, but to show you how to construct accurate mental representations of first principles in order to tackle fundamental problems.

Our team

We live in an exciting time when AI is delivering extraordinary advances. In the coming years, AI has the potential to drive one of the greatest transformations in history. We are on a mission to expand participation in this historic moment.

Our students

Over 800 people apply for each of our cohorts. We select only the most curious, diligent and collaborative. We actively look for exceptional people from diverse backgrounds and give extra support to those facing structural barriers. Our in-depth application process leads to an extraordinary group of people from all walks of life.

Successful applicants are often senior software engineers, academics, startup founders, or top-rate graduates. However, we have accepted exceptional people with very little education, people who have been homeless, refugees and young people.

Our friends

We are grateful to be supported by a community of amazing people who generously give their knowledge and time in form of talks, workshops and advice.