Become a machine learning engineer

Why us

All of our programmes are full-time and in-person. We keep class sizes small, typically less than 20. You will be surrounded by motivated peers and supported by expert practitioners.

You will receive one-on-one sessions with practitioners who have worked across BigTech and academia. You will read and understand cutting edge AI papers, implement them in code, and present your solutions to a cohort of engaged and supportive peers.

Course outline

We offer a self-paced preparatory course and two full-time in-person intensives. We also run an 18-month apprenticeship, open to students with an existing employer to partner with us for their training.

8 weeks on campus

Deep Learning System Design Bootcamp

Model Architecture

  • MLOps foundations

  • Transformers, Attention & Sparse Attention

  • Multimodal Transformers

  • Data and Model Parallelism with multiple GPUs

  • Image classification, object detection & semantic segmentation

  • Diffusion Models for image generation with conditioning

  • Multistage Ranking for Search & Recommendation Engines

Next start: September 2024

8 weeks on campus

MLOps and Data Engineering Bootcamp

Data Management and storage

  • Build and deploy multi-node Kubernetes clusters

  • Big data foundations and data ingestion

  • Workflow orchestration with Apache Airflow & Prefect

  • Deep dive into Kubeflow Pipelines & Model Experiments

Next start: September 2024

18 months hybrid

Deep Learning Apprenticeship

A slow path to mastery

  • One or both of our 8 week bootcamps followed by 18 months of continuous training.

  • We are not currently accepting applications from learners without an employer. If you have an employer who is willing to partner with us for your training, ask them to get in touch.

Cost & Eligibility

For eligible applicants, the courses can be up to 100% government funded.

If you are not eligible for funding, the associated costs are:

MLOps Bootcamp: £8500

Deep Learning Bootcamp: £8500

Deep Learning Apprenticeship: No available

We offer an optional 'learn now, pay later' scheme.

If you are a UK citizen, you are eligible for funding if you have been an ordinarily resident in the UK or Europe for the last three years. If you are not a UK citizen, you are eligible if you have lived in the UK continuously for the last three years. You are eligible for funding if you are a refugee or have asylum status. There are several other ways you might be eligible. If you have any questions about your eligibility, please email us at

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