Transform your AI capability

Why us

All of our programmes are full-time and in-person. We keep class sizes small, typically less than 20. Our students are surrounded by motivated peers and supported by expert practitioners.

What to expect from one of our engineers

Our objective isn't to land our students their first job but to set them on a path to mastery.

Our learners are drawn from an remarkably high-quality pool of applicants, and they have often built up a extensive relevant experience before joining us. We put great effort into their training, and the programme is unusually effective in building expertise.

That said, it takes a talented person around 2000 hours to become a machine learning engineer. There are no shortcuts.

By the time a learner joins your team, they will have been exploring the cutting-edge of AI for around 680 hours and will be ~34% of the way to mastery.

We have been pushing the learners to the limits of their understanding, but from now on, you too will be responsible for providing your machine learning engineer with suitably complex tasks.

It is going to take approximately 33 weeks to hit 2000 hours. We will work with you to set learning goals and provide additional training in areas applicable to your organisation's roadmap. Still, you, too, need to support the engineer on their learning journey by giving them challenging problems to work on and the pressure to do great work.



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