Hire machine learning engineers

Why hire from us?

The Machine Learning Institute can provide you with a continuous pipeline of ideal machine learning engineers from our pool of first-rate candidates.

We only accept outstanding students. Our extensive application process includes a pre-course, in-person meetups and a technical interview with a seasoned practitioner. We accept less than 3% of applicants.

The quality of our training is outstanding. We put extraordinary effort into our programme, where we push our students to develop a deep understanding of the latest developments in AI. Our programme is practical and geared towards building. If our students spend ten hours a day writing code, we know we are doing our job.

All of our programmes are delivered by practitioners. These practitioners come principally from Big Tech. They are the type of people you would want to run your machine learning function. They provide passion, knowledge and coaching and lay the foundation for exceptional work with your organisation.

The hiring process

We want each of our students to have an uncommonly impactful career so we are placing our students with ambitious companies doing compelling work.

After speaking with us, we will give you access to our platform. From there, you will see a list of available candidates. You can download their CVs and view their LinkedIn and Github.

Once you have found a candidate that fits your hiring needs, you can message them on the platform or via email and invite them to interview. We do not set expected salaries for our learners. You will have to negotiate the specifics directly with the candidate.

We are not a recruitment agency. We do not charge a fee for hiring our students. We provide a facility for exceptional companies to connect with our students, and ideally we do not want to be involved in the details of your hiring process.

What to expect

Becoming a truly competent machine learning engineer is hard and takes time. We have structured our programme with a long term approach in mind so that our students can not only implement machine learning solutions, but grasp the fundamentals.

8 weeks on campus

Deep Learning System Design Bootcamp

Model Architecture

  • MLOps foundations

  • Transformers, Attention & Sparse Attention

  • Multimodal Transformers

  • Data and Model Parallelism with multiple GPUs

  • Image classification, object detection & semantic segmentation

  • Diffusion Models for image generation with conditioning

  • Multistage Ranking for Search & Recommendation Engines

Next start: March 2024

8 weeks on campus

MLOps and Data Engineering Bootcamp

Data Management and storage

  • Build and deploy multi-node Kubernetes clusters

  • Big data foundations and data ingestion

  • Workflow orchestration with Apache Airflow & Prefect

  • Deep dive into Kubeflow Pipelines & Model Experiments

Next start: May 2024

18 months hybrid

Deep Learning Apprenticeship

A slow path to productivity

  • One or both of our 8 week bootcamps followed by 18 months of continuous training.

  • We are not currently accepting applications from learners without an employer. If you have an employer who is willing to partner with us for your training, ask them to get in touch.



Want to use machine learning in your business?

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